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It’s a definite possibility that vacationers have been attracted to Hawaii since British explorer James Cook first happened upon the Islands in 1778. Tourism became Hawaii’s dominant industry beginning after it reached statehood in 1959. Full of beautiful beaches, rich culture, and a temperate climate. Tourists from all over the globe visit Hawaii during all times of the year.

The Hawaiian Islands are actually comprised of 18 separate islands, but eight are considered to be the "main islands". Each island in the Hawaiian Archipelago was formed by volcanoes spewing lava up from the ocean floor. Many of the islands still contain active volcanoes with active lava flow. This dynamic, coupled with the islands' location midway across the South Pacific provide lush rainforests and a temperate climate throughout the year.

In June 2006, US President George W. Bush signed the proclamation to form the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument. At close to 140,000 miles, this new monument is larger than all other national parks combined. About 10% of the monument is made up of shallow tropical coral reef habitat, making Hawaii one of the premier vacation destinations for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Hawaii's rich culture is still very much present within all of the major islands. Whether you're seeking relaxation or adventure, the Hawaiian Islands offer the perfect blend of island atmosphere and the convenience of being one of the Untied States. No foreign currency or passport is required!

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